me fucking around on super street fighter IV arcade edition ver. 2012 arcade mode (on hardest of course) while i wait for my friend to get online

my piggy bank is more godlike than yours!!!!! CHOCK-FULL OF CHANGE AND ARCADE UFO TOKENS!!!! (at tha crib)

SHIIITTT. just lost a close as fuck first to 10.

lol my title on street fighter x tekken
i got my BP up to a measly 1300 within a week of the game coming out but one night i was having really bad connection problems i guess and i kept getting kicked from games and losing hella BP and it’s really discouraged me in playing this shit online or playing it in general

also, the first part of my screen name is pronounced S and then Love as two seperate parts not slove
it’s a play on my name which is sean lovett isn’t that cute??? 

what team in sfxt are you guys rockin?

my new team in street fighter x tekken as of right now is
i started out as ryu/rolento but i felt like an asshole using rolento and always said that i wanted to start learning a tekken character and i think i’ve found it!

bodied our family friend’s son 18-0 in street fighter x tekken. HILARIOUS.

playing sfxt online on psn is a fucking nightmare

trying to find a game sucks
playing the match itself sucks
like 2/10-ish of the matches i’ve had so far were playable

rockin’ that ryu/rolento team in SFxT right now

j.roundhouse > cr.strong > cr.strong > cr.forward xx EX donkey kick > cr.fierce xx fierce shoryuken

anybody find a better 1 bar combo with ryu??? 
i’ve been destroying fools online with that hahah so satisfying 

dude the arcade cabinet piggy bank model kit the special edition of SFxT came with is ADORABLE hahah just got done making mines :3


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