inside the brain

hello new friend my name is sean lovett it’s nice to meet you how are ya??
i am 23 years old and i live in a boring suburban town outside of san antonio.
i’m interested in asian cinema, love my super nintendo, going to shows, watchin’ anime and collecting weird music on vinyl.
i’m quite fond of the mother/metal gear solid franchises and dabble in fighting games such as the street fighter series. i own two arcade sticks, come see me!!!
as far as music goes, my taste jumps around quite a bit. check out my page linked below if you’re interested in that!
anyways, if you got any more questions and wanna be friends feel free to leave me an ask!!


what is “______” from?
so i get this one a whole ton and in the past have been kind enough to dig and find out what things i’ve reblogged are from, but it’s getting old now.
9 times out of 10 you can go to the source of the gif/image and the OP will have listed it in the tags.
they do this in hopes to better expose their material.

hey do you listen to hella?
oh my god i get this way too often.
yes, i listen to hella.
and yes, i love them.
where else would i have gotten the url from?
where else?

follow back?
nothing turns me off more than when people ask this.
if you frequently like my personal posts or your url stands out to me, i will usually at least check out your blog.
if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be :)